Dubai Air Ambulance Services

Dubai Air Ambulance Services is a rapid-response, life-saving medical transport service in the heart of Dubai, UAE. With state-of-the-art aircraft and a highly skilled medical team, they provide swift and world-class care in critical emergencies, ensuring timely and expert medical attention. Your safety is their priority.

Dubai Air Ambulance Services

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Dubai air ambulance medical services

Since the inception of Dubai Air Ambulance in the year 2019 by Md. Tafzil, the aim has been to provide world-class medical infrastructure and amenities to all the patients who are in desperate need of an air ambulance in Dubai. Our patients are our sole priority and we go the extra mile to make sure that we provide top-notch air ambulance services and medical services on a global scale. Mr. Nayeem’s vision is to enable people to have access to high-speed air ambulance services and top-notch medical care services on a global scale so that fatalities due to diseases and accidents can be minimized. 

We are equipped with all the latest technologies along with a team of experienced medical staff and air operators to provide the best care in your critical times. We are licensed by the respective authorities to carry out our operations across the globe. All of our client hospitals and clinics have highly qualified and patient-friendly doctors and nurses. We have tied up with most of the major Hospitals and Clinics across UAE. We provide only CAMTS/ EURAMI certified operators for your best experience in the sky. We provide a wide range of medical services such as Air Medical Services to VIP Jet Air Ambulance Services. We provide medical services and have wide options of Air Ambulance types as per your requirements. We are one of the leading providers of Dubai Air Ambulance services across the UAE.

Our Range of Medical Air Ambulance Services

"In Dubai's Air Ambulance Service, we ensure a secure, cooperative journey for our patients, blending compassion with top-tier professionalism to steer their path to recovery."

— Tafzil, Founder of

What We Deliver in Medical Care

Direct Hospital Bed Booking

Booking a bed abroad has never been so relaxing for patients. We provide the best ground services and medical assistance to make patients feel comfortable at home.

Doctor Appointments & Consultations

We have a wide network of licensed and experiences doctors across the globe, available to consult both Offline and Online. We help you choose the best doctors abroad and domestically to provide you with personalised solutions. 

Medical Arrangements 24*7

We provide medical services both on  Air & Ground. We go one mile ahead to help patients in critical situations. We’re available 24/7, just a message or call away.


Most Exclusive Air Ambulance for medical Services

Our Air Ambulance Infrastructure consists of a wide range of Top-Tier planes to suit your needs as per the requirement.

Dubai air ambulance medical services
air ambulance service in uae dubai with cost

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We’re here to arrange all types of air ambulances in dubai or across United Arab Emirates(UAE). We offer a range of airplanes, from budget-friendly to the most luxurious in the entire UAE. Rest assured about air ambulance expenses; we aim to provide services at the most affordable cost.



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With our unwavering commitment, we've saved countless lives.

We believe in saving lives through our medical air ambulance services, even if it means going beyond our usual boundaries and expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Normally every other Air Ambulance is equipped with similar but a variety of medical equipment that would ensure the well-being of the patients at the time of emergencies. These medical equipment ensures that the patients are safe. This medical equipment is similar to what an ICU consists of, but can be modified according to the patient’s requirements, as we are from Air Ambulance Dubai.
Here is the list of medical equipment that our Air Ambulance normally consists –
Pacemakers, Monitoring system, Breathing Apparatus, Blood Transfusion equipment, or defibrillators
Beta Blockers
Pulse oximeters
Intravenous Solutions
Non-invasive Blood Pressure monitors

And many more

Air Ambulance is especially designed for the patients’ transportation, but there are some medical conditions in which patients shouldn’t take air ambulance.

Below are some of the medical conditions –
Recent stroke
Infectious diseases such as chickenpox, , flu, measles, etc.
After 37th weeks of pregnancy due to the increase risk of blood clots forming
Untreated Pneumothorax
All the diseases that require additional oxygen.
120 or higher heart rate but doesn’t have radical pulse.

Speak with an air ambulance provider, such as Dubai Air Ambulance.
For you, our aviation specialists will create an air ambulance solution.
Send them the relevant paperwork, including any required passports or medical records.
We will be in charge of making the essential preparations.

Choosing the best air ambulance service is the most crucial stage in organizing an air ambulance flight. If you choose Dubai Air Ambulance, our aviation professionals will handle all aspects of the medical flight’s arrangement, so you won’t need to worry about anything.

We, Air Ambulance Dubai gives the loved one of the patients the option to bring a medium size suitcase and a handbag and that too per person.While traveling in our air ambulance purses and laptop bags are also accepted as carry-on luggage but large suitcases are not permitted since they do not fit in the designated luggage space, which is outside in the baggage area. The medium-sized backpacks typically should weigh roughly around 25 pounds, making them ideal for air ambulance transfer.
We don’t allow even more because the most important priority for us is the patient and their requirements.

Air Ambulance is especially designed for transferring of the patients, and it consists of our medical crew and equipment. . So, our trained medical crew will take proper and appropriate measures to stabilize the patients so be ensured that our team is well-trained and our top most priority patients well-being.

No, the majority of clinic doctors frequently label patients as unsuitable to travel because they are unaware of the choices for critical care treatment available on board an air ambulance.
The final say on a patient’s condition and suitability for flight always rests with our medical professionals.
You are not required to agree with a hospital staff member’s determination that a patient is not fit to fly. Get in touch with us, and we’ll help you find the ideal answer.

Your primary care physician can always come along as an accompanying person if there is space available. They do not, however, stand in for a highly qualified medical flight professional.

Yes, it’s covered under medical policy but not all policy as very few policies give this option. So, when a person buys any insurance policy, they should 1st check that whether air ambulance cover under the policy or not.

Air ambulances have two different types of wings: fixed wings and rotary wings. The key distinctions between them are –

Fixed wing air ambulance
Fixed wing aircraft feature wings that do not move and are propelled by jet engines or propellers.
Because they can go further before needing to refuel than rotary-wing aircraft, they are more frequently employed for longer distances.
They can fly in bad weather that rotary-wing aircraft cannot, such as fog.
They have a significantly roomier cabin than helicopters, enabling them to carry more medical supplies and personnel.
They are able to fly at greater altitudes, giving patients a smoother and more comfortable journey.

Rotary wing air ambulance-
Helicopters are examples of rotary-wing aircraft, which are propelled by revolving blades.
When someone needs to be transferred as soon as possible over a shorter distance in an emergency, helicopters are most frequently used.
They are utilized in close-range, trauma-related emergency situations where time is of the essence as they may land practically anywhere where ground ambulance is difficult to reach to the patient.
Since they can only travel a short distance, they are typically saved for situations where a patient needs urgent access to a trauma center.

So Air Ambulance can dispatch in around 2 to 4 hours, but this only recommended for emergency purposes, otherwise special trained professional dispatchers decide when to send air ambulance wrt to the medical protocols of the place.
But normally all the transfers are arranged and scheduled few days in advance so that everything would be correctly fit according to the patient’s condition.

We, Dubai Air Ambulance provide Aircraft according to the patient’s need. So, when we choose aircraft, we analyze various factors such as number of loved ones that would travel with the patients, distance, budget, ,flight route etc. and then we choose the aircraft for the convenience.
We have a wide variety of aircraft with sufficient speed and range for short, medium and long distance flights for air ambulance transfers and internation respirations.Here are some variety of aircraft that we use for patients transfers –
Embraer Phenom
Bombardier Challenger
Different Learjet models like Learjet 36, Learjet 55 etc.
Gulfstream 100
Citation Bravo
Citation Mustang
Cessna Citation CJ2, CJ3, CJ4, etc.
And many more like Boeing ambulance jets for our VIP customers, Dornier to accompany several loved ones, Turboprop ambulance planes for short and economical routes. 
Your happiness and safety are main concern and this is why we would give you an option to choose from our variety of range our aircraft as long as it’s technically viable and would recommend you various aircraft seeing the patients condition and the requirements of the patients loved ones.

Two pilots and a highly trained medical team are on board each aircraft. Intensive care equipment is typically installed in air ambulances, though depending on the patient’s needs and state of health, additional equipment may be added.

Intensive care equipment is installed in air ambulances, and depending on the kind of aircraft, it can be altered to meet the specific needs of the patient before the journey. Because of this, we are able to provide excellent critical care during the flight.
An air ambulance’s basic medical supplies include the following:

Vacuum-mattressed Lifeport Intensive Care Unit with atransfert loading system
a 6,000-liter central oxygen tank and an optional spare tank
acute care transport monitor with several parameters
Miniature defibrillator and monitor
Respirator for difficult artificial respiration patients in intensive care
blood gas analyzer on the go
Global communication using satellite phone.
This list serves as an illustration of the kinds of equipment that can be transported. Prior to the flight, our medical experts will add any additional medical equipment they believe the patient may need.

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