Are there Air Ambulances in Dubai?

Due to congestion, pollution, low nutritional value of foods, global warming, unhealthy lifestyles, and rash driving; accidents and diseases are on an exponential rise worldwide. Therefore, it is vital for every major town and city in the world to have efficient ambulance and hospital services. 

People these days prefer to avail of air ambulances over road/van ambulances because air ambulances offer several advantages and are much more convenient to use than van ambulances. 

Some of the major advantages that air ambulances have over van ambulances are much higher speed, unhindered and unrestricted air travel, much more room to accommodate hi-tech medical equipment, and much more luxurious amenities on board. In this article, we shall study some of the most advanced medical equipment air ambulances from some of the best air ambulance UAE providers have.

The top 5 Hi-tech medical equipment Air Ambulance UAE have 

All air ambulances in the UAE will have the following hi-tech medical equipment on board to address any kind of medical emergency. Apart from swift and sophisticated air ambulances, Dubai Air Ambulance Service also has qualified, skilled, and dedicated air ambulance pilots and medical crew. 


Ventilators are medical devices that help your lungs get the oxygen they need when you’re unable to breathe due to some ailments. Generally, people suffering from asthma, various lung diseases, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), etcetera need a ventilator. 

Ventilators mechanically push air in and out of your body to help your lungs get the oxygen they need. If a patient’s condition is serious enough, air is pumped in and out of the lungs via a tube that is inserted through his or her throat. Doctors and nurses can control how much air is being pumped in and out of a patient’s body via a ventilator. 


Defibrillators are medical devices that give electric shocks to one’s heart in case one’s heart stops pumping blood due to some heart disease, mostly due to a cardiac arrest. Defibrillators can restore the rhythmic blood pumping of hearts via the electrical shocks that they give. If you want to see defibrillators in action, kindly watch this YouTube video created by the Sikana English channel.  

There are three types of defibrillators popularly used worldwide namely Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), Implanted Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICDs), and Wearable Cardioverter Defibrillators (WCDs).

Drip Apparatus

A drip apparatus is used in hospitals and air ambulances to revitalize and hydrate a patient. If a patient is dehydrated due to a heat stroke or some other reason, a drip apparatus will hydrate him or her and supply that person with vital nutrients and medicines (in liquid form) over time (a few hours). 

A drip apparatus is usually the first medical treatment given to a sick or injured patient. If this medical treatment is not administered to a sick or injured patient then death due to dehydration or blood loss is inevitable. An infusion pump is a medical device that does the same job as a drip apparatus but in a much faster and automated manner. 

X-ray Scanners  

X-ray scanners also known as medical scanners use medical-grade X-rays to scan the inside of a patient’s body. This is done for various purposes which include but are not limited to tracking the growth/development of a fetus/baby, detecting hairline fractures, detecting and tracking cancerous cells and tissues, monitoring the effect of any kind of disease, tracking the development of tumors, etc. Medical scanners act like the eyes of a doctor and inform the doctor what and where the problem lies in a patient’s body. 

Stretchers and surgical tools 

A stretcher and surgical tools are the most fundamental medical pieces of equipment required to perform any kind of surgery. Without them, any surgeon cannot perform his or her job, and medical emergencies that require surgeries to be performed cannot be addressed. 

It would not be an overstatement to say that a surgeon would become handicapped without a stretcher and surgical tools. Around 230 million surgeries are performed on vital organs every year worldwide. Hence, all air ambulances are equipped with stretchers and surgical tools to tackle any kind of medical emergency. 


Air ambulances are no doubt the ambulances of the future because they are much more advantageous and convenient to use than van ambulances. Air ambulances are much faster, much more unhindered, much more unrestricted, much more spacious, and much more luxurious than road/van ambulances. These are what make them the first choice for people in need of medical care. 

Dubai Air Ambulance Service is one of the best air ambulance service providers in the UAE. This is because this company has one of the largest fleet of air ambulances in the world. Not only that, the company also has highly qualified, skilled, and dedicated air ambulance pilots and medical crew. 

The air ambulance fleet of this company is maintained periodically so that it remains operation-ready all the time. Patients can be treated on board the medical ambulances of this company apart from in their client hospitals. Last but not least their air ambulance service is also quite cost-effective. This is what makes them one of the best providers of air ambulance UAE. 


  1. What number should one call to avail of an ambulance of any type in the UAE?

To book an ambulance of any type (ground or air) one needs to dial 998 in the UAE. This number is free of charge. If one also requires a police escort along with an ambulance transportation service, one needs to dial 999. This number too is free of charge. The federal customer care agents will then guide you through the air ambulance booking process. 

  1. Is the air ambulance service free of charge in the UAE?

For people in the UAE who are not covered by any kind of health insurance scheme, ambulance services of any kind are free of charge and will be borne by the government of the UAE. 

However, if an individual is covered by a health insurance scheme, then the following amounts will be charged to the individual’s health insurance company based on the type of air ambulance service and air ambulance availed. 

  • AED 600 will be charged for availing of a basic air ambulance transport service.
  • AED 800 will be charged for availing air ambulance transport and healthcare (medical treatment inside the air ambulance) service or for any kind of rescue mission from natural disasters (fire in the building, trapped in floods, etc.). 
  • AED 1,000 will be charged for availing of luxury air ambulances with level-one healthcare services. 
  • AED 1,200 will be charged for availing of luxury air ambulances with level-two healthcare services. 
  1. Do government hospitals provide free healthcare services in the UAE?

The UAE has free public healthcare services for Emirati nationals. Non-citizens will have to pay high fees for getting medical treatment at any hospital or clinic.

  1. What is a premarket notification?

Premarket notification, also known as 510(k) notification is a mandatory registration for manufacturers to notify the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) about their intent to market a medical device for any purpose.

  1. What is the latest advancement in the field of healthcare? 

Hi-tech robots performing surgeries of all kinds is the latest advancement in the field of healthcare. Of course, only a handful of hospitals worldwide have this facility as hi-tech robots are very expensive currently. 

The ability to perform precision surgeries flawlessly is what made robots preferable for surgeries. If you want to see a robot performing surgery, kindly watch this YouTube video created by Cleveland Clinic.

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